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Prettie Babie

Name : Kasey
Age : 15
Location : Southside of Chicago, IL 
Status :  Taken.. going on 14 months. I love being in love. Best thing in the worldd.

Movie : Crazy/Beautiful or Love and Basketball. I like love stories a lot. Every single movie i watch is a love story. Im a sap as you can see haha.
Song : Right now, She Will Be Loved bye Maroon 5. and it's very weird because i don't like maroon 5's other songs at all. but for some reason, i like this one a lot.
Band :  Yellowcard
Color : Pink.. goshh i love pink. im OBSESSED with pink i should say haha.
Actor : Josh Hartnett. Hes so good-looking and hes a VERY good actor.
Actress : Lindsay Lohan. She's super pretty and she's been acting her whole life. I think she's an awesome actress.
Clothing Brand : Wet Seal

Store: Wet Seal/Charlotte Russe
Food : ICE CREAM. i love ice cream.
TV Show : The OC, One Tree Hill, Summerland
Ice Cream : Hm. So many to choose from. I'd have to say Rainbow Sherbert.

What is your definition of pretty : I think being pretty isn't just how you look on the outside. Because many girls can just look good but not all should be considered pretty. Pretty is how you carry yourself and how you act, inside and out. It's how you portray yourself as a person. I think there is many definitions of pretty but to try to say it short i think it would be being pretty not only on the outside but also on the inside.
How often do you get told you're pretty : When I'm out with a lot of people. Some of the girls and or guys usually will come up to me and say I look pretty.
Why do you want to join : Because I like rating communities and i think i fit in here.
Please promote us one place and prove it : Okay my live journal, xokbabygurldox
Post a picture of a girl you think is pretty (celebrity or real life...NOT you) :


^^im on the right.


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