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Name : Sarah
Age : 16
Location : Santa Monica, CA
Status : single- but working on going back out with my ex (long story)

Movie : The Incredibles, Euro Trip, Mean Girls, White Chicks, and Amelie
Song : Hate it or love it- 50 cent (I think)
Band : Queen
Color : Turquoise
Actor : so typical- Brad Pitt lol
Actress : Angelina Jolie
Clothing Brand : Seven for all man kind and Dolce & Gabbana
Store : Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales
Food : Spaghetti
TV Show : Sex and the city
Ice Cream : Choc. chip cookie dough

What is your definition of pretty : Someone who has the potential to be hot but they have a more average look than those who do their make-up everyday and all.
How often do you get told you're pretty : I don't need to be told I'm pretty, but when people do, it feels really nice :)
Why do you want to join : Because I love rating communities and I like that you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous (most girls aren't) but you need to be pretty (like a lot of girls are)
Please promote us one place and prove it :
Post a picture of a girl you think is pretty (celebrity or real life...NOT you) :
The girl on the left- she's my friend Natalie. She's soooo pretty- she looks kind of funny here though lol
Image hosted by
Natalie at prom-Image hosted by
And I also think that the girl on the right (in the first picture) is pretty too- she's my friend Sam- she's also in the prom pictures below..

In the above picture, I'm the girl in the middle
In the yellow-
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
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